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SAFYRE - Radio Frequency


Safyre is an anti-ageing treatment that uses Radio Frequency to penetrate the skin to boost the youth-giving properties of Elastin and Collagen. It is often described as an enjoyable non-surgical face lift that has long lasting benefits when a course of treatment is undertaken. A non-invasive procedure that is actually quite pleasant and relaxing, it stimulates the regrowth and boosting of Elastin and Collagen through heat generated deep in the skin. An additional benefit of the process is to create hyaluronic acid to make the skin firmer, fresher and plumper. The heat stretches out the elastin fibres causing tighter, firmer skin, ideal for jaw lines, lines, wrinkles and acne scarring. Loose skin in areas like arms, tummy, stretch marks, sagging breasts, inner thighs and buttocks can all be improved using the Safyre.

On the body the Safyre can help with ‘bingo wings’, stretch marks, excess loose skin due to weight loss, sagging bottoms and other areas by working with the muscle groups to re-train, firm, tighten and help with excess large fat tissue removal.

Results are visible after a single treatment but for longer term benefits a course of 3 or 6 facial treatments (dependent on severity of condition) is required.

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Neck Before After copy.jpg
Fine Lines Before After.jpg
  • Facial Rejuvenation
  • Body Contouring
  • Skin Tightening

With Safyre you can achieve:

  • redefinition of facial contours;

  • reduction of wrinkles and expression lines;

  • reduction of bags and rings;

  • lifting of the periocular area;

  • naso labial wrinkles filling;

  • body drainage; cellulite elimination;

  • body reduction and contouring.


Results from the Safyre platform can be achieved on facial, neck, décolletage, arms, chins, abdomen and thighs.

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An electrical current passes between two points creating radio frequency that stimulates and heats, creating volumetric heating deep in the dermis and subcutaneous tissue, causing the tissue to stimulate subdermal collagen production. It enhances lymphatic drainage to improve how your body deals with waste products and stimulates fat metabolism and skin tightening.

  • Stimulates the production of Collagen

  • Results in immediate tightening of skin

  • Activates Elastin Fibres and Collagen to Regenerate

  • Enhances lymphatic drainage

  • Assists fat metabolism, resulting in smoother , firmer skin

  • Reduction of adipose tissue

Safyre produces heat at the Dermal level which stimulates the production of collagen resulting in an immediate tightening effect and a noticeable improvement in the quality of skin texture. Wrinkles are reduced and the skin appears more luminous and toned.

Are Safyre facial treatments suitable for all ages?
Safyre is suitable for the four stages of ageing, obtaining maximum results in each skin type.

How does Safyre work in body treatments?
Safyre works in 3 phases:

Drainage: In this phase the elimination of the liquid found between the walls of the different cells of the tissue is produced by natural processes.

Reduction: Localised adiposity is treated on certain parts of the body. Three characteristics of tissue are differentiated: soft, oedematous or fibrotic, and it is necessary to identify these in order to obtain the best results.

Reaffirming: Activation of the collagen and elastin fibres to provide greater firmness of the skin and a redefining and tightening effect.

Body treatments require between 8 and 15 sessions depending on the needs of the individual. Treatments are weekly to get the required outcome.

Treatments can be combined with other technologies after consultation.

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Butt-1 Before After.jpg
Safyre tummy before after.jpg
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Butt Lift
Safyre Bum befoew after.jpg

In a short few sessions this lady has gone from having several issues she was uncomfortable with, to a tummy she can wear in a dress!

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