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Facial peels require the client to follow a skin care regime at home at least a week before the peel treatment to insure satisfactory results.  A typical peel treatment plan, which is usually 3 peels between 2-4 weeks apart which will be dependant on their individual strength, it is important to prepare the skin so as to reduce the Stratum Corneum thickness, increase the overall hydration as well as limiting the overall skin reactions during the treatment. Re-epithelisation is enhanced which is an essential component of wound healing throughout the peel process.

Peel type 1 & 2 have a better overall success rate on our facial skin condition if used as part of a treatment plan, however you will see a marked difference with just one. It must be stressed however the importance of using carefully chosen medical skin care range both prior to, during and between treatments.

Peel facial plans can be ongoing anywhere from *1-24 weeks. This will be dependent on skin type and any skin problems at hand.

Skin Peels3.jpg

Example of peel type 2 skin care plan- Age management programme

FREE Dermaquest Kit – to be used 1 week prior

Week 1 & 4 – Skin peel 1 – 4 weeks apart

Week  - 8 & 10 – Skin peel 1 – 2 weeks apart

Week 12, 15, & 18 – Advanced Facial – 3 weeks apart

Week 21 – Skin peel 2

*Peel treatment plans are typically 1-3, however the length of a plan will be dependant of client skin condition, any skin imperfections and of course clients wishes.

Things to consider –

  • Peels are beneficial for all skin types – Fitzpatrick 1-V1

  • Free Dermaquest kit for client skin care regime to be carried out at home;  with peel treatment plans of 3 or more.

  • Client skin care preparation desirable at least 1 week before.

  • A full consultation is carried out to confirm client’s suitability and to establish which type of peel is desirable.

  • Downtime will vary between 1-10 days dependant on skin peel type

  • Peels create a more even skin tone appearance and improve skin radiance

  • Flaking and frosting is normal with skin peel type 2

  • Peel type 1 are 2 weeks apart and no more than 12 treatments per year.

  • Peel type 2 are 4 weeks apart and no more than 6 treatments per year

  • Ongoing skin care can be purchased from Erasure skin in both retail size and as a kit.

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