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Advanced Mesotherapy for ‘glow skin’

Mesotherapy is commonly known as Bio-rejuvenation. It typically works by using transdermal injections of vitamins, plant extracts which help with signs of aging to the skin, help reduce pigmentation and scarring, reduce cellulite and promote hair growth.  ‘Cocktails’ used can contain as many as 50 ingredients, each helping to repair, nourish and rejuvenate.


Skin - The treatment is seen as a form of an anti-aging therapy for ages 20 plus and ages 30-50 for skin refreshing and aging prevention. Whatever age concern is being treated. It should be noted that Meso requires a program of treatments. Typically, one treatment every two weeks for the first month and 1 treatment between 1 to 3 months apart which helps maintain a healthy skin.

Cellulite – Fat deposits found in the lower face and jaw can be treated by dissolving enzymes which disrupt the wall of the fat cells, which in turn helps to release the fat which is then re-absorbed by the lymphatic system and excreted.

So what makes this different from Microneedling? (see Dermapen)

At Erasure skin we use the medical grade Dermapen which helps promote collagen and elastin by stimulating the fibroblasts into regeneration. Microneedling allows other more noticeable common skin conditions to be treated such as milia, pigmentation and acne and other irregularities. A 12 needle cartridge lightly penetrates the skin at various needle depths of 0.5-2.5mm dependant on which part of the face and body treated.  We use Hyaluronic acid serum which helps to add up to 1000 times moisture to the skin.  This can give that ‘plumping’ effect on the skin, helping those fine lines and wrinkles look less visible to the naked eye.

So what is the procedure for mesotherapy?

There are a few various forms of mesotherapy application found in clinics around the world. In the UK the most common methods are by single needle both epidermal and dermal, meso gun and microneedling.

The treatment time for a mesotherapy at Erasure skin requires a longer treatment time than our standard microneedling as it involves a 2 part process.

What to Expect-

  • Cost Face £140; Face neck & Décolleté £150; Body (1 area) £150

  • Treatment time – 60mins duration

  • Consultation to determine which choice of ‘cocktail’

  • Numbing cream is applied prior to the treatment – allow at least 30 minutes extra

  • Meso *formula is lightly injected to the skin using intra epidermal technique

  • Hyaluronic acid is placed onto the surface of the skin

  • Microneedling is used between 1mm-  2.5mm, dependant on body area to allow for greater penetration of meso formula and Hyaluronic acid.

  • *A needle depth of 2.5 is used on the body only.

  • Ameson Meso ‘cocktail’ is placed onto the skin for deeper rejuvenation

  • A calming cloth mask of various ingredients is applied to the face.

  • Dermaquest SPF 30 is applied to the skin

Mesotherapy Chart.jpg

Post treatment –

  • There may be little downtime

  • Small bruising and blood spots can occur

  • For a more beneficial result clients should return in 2 weeks for further treatment. (1-3 treatments are advised)

*Ameson Meso treatment for that ‘glow skin’

Hyaluronic Acid

Hydration - Hyal 3.5



With Hyaluronic acid

Action - Dehydration, Deep wrinkles, loss of elasticity, scars

AA2G 20% anti wrinkle serum

Pigmentation - AA2G 20%



With Vitamin C

Action – Wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation, some melasma, dull thickened skin

Muscle Relaxant for lines and wrinkles

Facial Muscles - Argirelline 10%

Leuphasyl 10%



With Peptide cocktail to relax muscle (Non Botox effect)

Action – Lines and wrinkles found within muscles of facial expression

Rejuvenating wrinkles, photoagig

Deep Wrinkles - Matrixyl 3000 10%

Argirelline 10%




With a peptide cocktail for versatile remodelling

Action – Wrinkles and expression lines, deep wrinkles, looseness and photoaging.

dehydratio, photoaging, wrinkles, serum

Wrinkles & Firm - Rejuvin


With Cocktail of Hyaluronic , 5 peptides and 3 vitamins

Action – Dehydration, photoaging, deep wrinkles, fine lines, loss of firmness and volume, rough textured skin



With a cocktail of 3 biomimetic peptides, vitamin C and a-Arbutin

Action – Evens out skin tone by whitening skin making the skin more uniform, Hyperpigmentation, age spots, dull skin

firmness, puffy eyes, wrinkles, serum

Firms & Tightens - Silicium 0.5%



 With Lipolysis

Action – Loss of firmness, puffy eyes, wrinkles and fine lines, local fat, tightening and remodelling.

puffinss, dark circls, cellulite serum

Eye Circles - Biogenic Caffeine 40%



With encapsulated caffeine

Action -Puffiness and dark circles around eyes, fluid retention, cellulite and local fat

firmig, lifting, streth marks serum

Firming & Lifting - DMAE



With dimethylaminoethanol a naturally occurring substance found in the body.

Action – has a firming and lifting effect. Specifically, beneficial for skin laxity and stretch marks

Cellulite, firness, fat serum

Fat & Cellulite



With a cocktail containing ingredients some of which are 4 peptides

Action – Cellulite, loss of firmness and elasticity, fluid retention and local fat

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