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Problem Skin ?

Updated: Apr 29, 2019


Issues with your skin comes from a wide variety of sources, making it all the more important to defend it the best you can. They include pollution, chemicals, sun, dehydration, age, allergies, irritants, cold weather among others.

Your skin is generally linked to your overall health, so by keeping fit, exercising regularly, drinking plenty of water, eating fruit and avoiding the problems listed above you will improve how you look and feel. Unfortunately over 40s have a much higher chance of having dry skin and developing skin conditions it not looked after.

Skin is now regarded as the body's largest organ, growing, flexing, stretching, shedding, changing all the time. Take time to improve its appearance and health by nurturing and pampering it.

Did we say water? Yes, plenty of that, but be careful not to poach by soaking in hot water. Be kind to your skin by applying sun screen with a factor of 30 or more. If your skin is dry you are likely to experience one or more of the following;

Greyness or redness (different reasons)

  • itching

  • tightness

  • cracking or fine lines

  • scaling, flaking or peeling

  • looks and feels rough

Don't perform the same sinkcare regime for years at a time, the skin becomes resistant to it. Change it up from time to time and introduce new, quality ranges that nourish and help replenish the things that keeps it looking young.

Face peel are great at getting rid of the dry skin that builds up, even after your ormal cleanser has been applied. Deep peels with stronger products can stimulate growth and expose young, new skin cells. Laser, IPL and DermaPen can all activate the production of elastin to help with the flexibility and resistance of your skin while encouraging collagen. Unfortunately as you get older you produce less collagen. Since it gives structure the connective tissues of skin and bones, lack of it is an important factor in the creation of fine lines and wrinkles.

You should ensure you are provided with combination treatments that take into account your personal skin requirements which also introduce the various benefits of peels, laser, IPL and medical grade products.


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